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Glide High School

Counseling Center

Scholarships- Glide/ ROSEBURG COMMUNITY

Scholarships- Glide/ ROSEBURG COMMUNITY

Elks National Foundation Scholarships
500 4-year scholarships for graduating seniors who have demonstrated scholarship, leadership and financial need.  Selection for these awards begins at the local lodge level and continues to the district, state, and national level. For more information and to apply go to:
Application Deadline: November 13, 2023
Scholarships- outside Glide/Roseburg Community

Scholarships- outside Glide/Roseburg Community


Al Forthan Memorial

The Deadline to Apply for this scholarship is February 5, 2023


The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an Oregon High School senior from a family affected by alcohol or drug addiction. Affected by addiction means you have been raised by a parent or guardian who has experienced addiction or you have abused alcohol or drugs and are now pursuing recovery. They will award at least one $10,000 scholarship and then others of various amounts to qualified candidates. For specific essays and formatting of the application come to the counseling center and pick up a copy.  

Click HERE to apply 


Heisman High School Scholarship October 17, 2023 deadline at
The 2023 Heisman High School Scholarship is now open! This year, The Heisman Trophy Trust is proud to award $128,000 in scholarships to the nation’s most accomplished and community-minded male and female senior scholar-athletes. With winners from every school, 100 State Winners, 12 of whom go on to be National Finalists, of which two are declared National Winners. Your graduating seniors have many ways to join the ranks of more than 600,000 past winners


Coca-Cola Scholars
150 graduating seniors in the US will be awarded $20,000 scholarships and an additional 150 will be awarded $1,000 to $1,500 scholarships. Students must be EXTENSIVELY involved in school and community activities and have an exceptional academic record.  Applications must be submitted online at  
Application Deadline:  October 2, 2023
American Muscle Student Scholarship
Two $2,500 scholarships to students who are planning on pursuing post-secondary education in the automotive industry.  Selection based on student drive and ambition that student is able to communicate in a 700 to 1500 words essay.  For more information go to:
Application deadline:  October 15, 2023
Army ROTC Scholarships
The high school Four-Year Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program.  Students can attend colleges like Oregon State, University of Oregon, University of Portland and others on ROTC scholarships.   Once students finish their college degree, they agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component. For more information, go to
Application Deadline:  January 2024
Collegeboard Opportunity Scholarships
Several different scholarship programs from $500 to $2,000 depending on what program a student qualifies for.  Go to:
Application Deadline: Varies by Award
Adam Montes Pride Scholarship
  • Eligibility: Any LGBTQ+ high school student who is an underrepresented minority and will be a first-generation college student may apply for this scholarship, but those interested in pursuing education degrees are preferred. 
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Winners: 2
  • Application Deadline: Mar 22, 2024
  • Scholarship link:
PRIDE in Education Award
  • Eligibility: Any high school senior or undergraduate student who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community or is an ally toward the community.
  • Amount: $500
  • Winners: 1
  • Application Deadline: Apr 1, 2024
  • Scholarship link:
Elijah's Helping Hand Scholarship Award
VNutrition & Wellness’ Annual LGBTQ+ Vitality Scholarship

9th-12th Grade yearly timeline

Please click HERE to view a timeline for 9th grade-12 grade and what students will need to do to keep on track to graduate and be successful in their time at Glide High School

It’s a Plan-  Senior Check list

September checklist
-Students should explore careers that they may be interested in and what education it would take for them to get there
-Students should create a list of at least five colleges with deadline information
-Testing dates should be advertised
-Students should be reviewing transcripts to make sure they have the classes that they need to apply to college
-Students should also learn about the FAFSA process
October checklist
-Encourage students to make a list of their school and work experience to create a sample resume
-Students should be writing personal essays, using college or scholarship application essay prompts
-Make a list of activities and awards that you have received
-Narrow down your list of colleges and go on tours
Fill out your FAFSA 
November checklist
-Help students to narrow their college choices; encourage students to always have a backup plan
-Hold field trips to visit colleges or attend college fairs
-Remind students to add all of the schools where they plan to apply to the FAFSA
-Remind students to keep track of deadlines and gather the information they will need to apply to college, the FAFSA and/ or scholarships
-Encourage students to complete the FAFSA if they haven’t done so already, as well as other financial aid and scholarships
-Check email regularly as this is the main way that most colleges will communicate with students
December checklist
-Meet with current college students as well as alumni to see what college is really like
-Create an OSAC profile and search for scholarships to apply to
-Use winter break to catch up on any lingering details in the college application process
-Make sure that to include ALL of the information necessary on applications
-Also meet with parents of college students to find out about the transition process to college and what you should expect
January checklist
-If male make sure to register with the selective service within 30 days of turning 18. If they do not do this they will not be eligible for federal financial aid
-Make any changes that need to be made to the FAFSA by March 15th
-Update your OSAC profile and continue to fill out application forms
-Update your list of scholarships and apply to the ones that have upcoming deadlines
February checklist
-Research what the college what immunizations the college that you would like to attend require
-If necessary get caught up on all immunizations
-Finish writing and editing all scholarship application essays
-Apply to as many scholarships as possible
-Attend college preview days in order to get to know the campus and the people
-Make any necessary changes to your FAFSA by March 15th
March checklist
-Colleges look at second semester grades don’t start slacking off
-Stay involved with extracurricular activities and take advantage of other experiences
-Apply for summer enrichment programs, internships, or jobs
-Make plans for college orientation in the summer
April checklist
-Acceptance letters should be coming in the mail
-Share your acceptances with counselors, parents, and friends
-FAFSA and financial aid letters should be coming shortly after
-Make your final decision on which school you will be attending
-Compare the size, location, cost, and extracurricular activities
May checklist
-Check if your college requires a placement test. If it does, arrange to take it as soon as possible while it is still on your mind
-Make sure that you are prepared for what is coming next
-Figure out what to bring and create a budget as a way to track your expenses


Events and Job Opportunities

The Chief Clerk's Office is looking for a dedicated, courageous, and passionaete students age 12-17 to particpate in our Honorary Page Program! 
The program was developed by our OHLEOO Coordinator (Oregon House LEgistative Education Outreach Office) and consists of a single day in-depth experience of the Oregon legislative process to educate students of the foundation sof lawmaking. This includes and is not limited to an officail oath0taking to the Honorary Page Program,various cicics education activities, a tour of the Oregon Capitol building, and participation in a House Legislative session. 
Please see the included information form and/or visit the Oregon State Legislature's Chief Clerk's website: HERE for more details on the program and to view the application form.