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Glide High School

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Scholarships- Glide/Roseburg Community

Scholarships- Glide/Roseburg Community

Josh Bidwell Foundation Scholarship
2022 Athletic & 2022 General
The JBF Scholarship program was established in 2016 to further the foundation’s vision of giving back and making a difference in this community. The scholarships are presented annually to students who display a promising future in becoming contributing citizens of their community. To date, the foundation has awarded a total of $40,500 to the youth of Douglas County. There are two different amounts of scholarships. $2,500 and $1,500. Please click HERE to download requirements and application. Please click HERE to download the General 2022 application. 
Cascade Community Credit Union’s
Pathfinder Scholarships 
Due date: Friday March 25,2022
There will be three recipients each awarded $1,500, which will be paid-out in full to the students' attending. Please see Mrs. Coke in the office for eligibility and application, or you can click HEREto download applciation. 

The Ford Scholars Program

Who Qualifies?

  • All residents of Oregon or Siskiyou County, California 
  • Graduating high school seniors (or equivalent) who have never enrolled full time in a 2- or 4- year college and seeking a bachelor’s degree 
  • Students who plan to enroll full time in the fall in their state of residence (Oregon or Calif.) 
  • What is the scholarship?
  • Supports students who have significant financial barriers to college
  • Award amount is calculated on college cost of attendance
  • In addition to a generous financial award, Scholars receive academic guidance, leadership development, personal and professional support, and access to the Ford Family alumni network 
  • Renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study
  • How to apply?
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (or alternative if undocumented) as soon as possible after October 1
  • Then, complete the application form at (Application opens November 1)
Ford Sons and Daughters Program
  • Who Qualifies?
  • Dependent children or stepchildren of Roseburg Forest Products Co. employees
  • Students 21 years or younger
  • Students seeking a 2-year, 4-year, or technical degree  
  • What is the scholarship?
  • $3,000 per year at 2-year college or program and $5,000 per year at 4-year college or program
  • Will attend full time at a federal financial aid eligible public or private, non-profit or for-profit postsecondary institution, beginning in fall of the application year
  • Renewable annually if the student makes satisfactory academic progress
  • How to Apply
  • Applicants are encouraged to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1, as they may be eligible for other forms of additional financial aid
  • Then, complete the application form (Application opens November 1)

OSAC Scholarship and Grant Application Open for 2022-23 School Year

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) has officially opened the OSAC Scholarship Application for the 2022-2023 academic year. Students can now apply for OSAC Scholarships, the Oregon Promise Grant, the Oregon Child Care Grant, and even more state grant programs.

OSAC administers more than $130 million in state-funded grants and privately-funded scholarships to help Oregon students meet their college expenses. New and current postsecondary education students can find links to the grant and scholarship applications at

OSAC strongly encourages students to apply for financial aid as soon as possible to maximize their opportunities to be awarded. If students have any questions about financial aid, they can reach out to OSAC via You can also find additional information in the full press release from OSAC

9th-12th Grade yearly timeline

Please click HERE to view a timeline for 9th grade-12 grade and what students will need to do to keep on track to graduate and be successful in their time at Glide High School

It’s a Plan-  Senior Check list

September checklist
-Students should explore careers that they may be interested in and what education it would take for them to get there
-Students should create a list of at least five colleges with deadline information
-Testing dates should be advertised
-Students should be reviewing transcripts to make sure they have the classes that they need to apply to college
-Students should also learn about the FAFSA process
October checklist
-Encourage students to make a list of their school and work experience to create a sample resume
-Students should be writing personal essays, using college or scholarship application essay prompts
-Make a list of activities and awards that you have received
-Narrow down your list of colleges and go on tours
Fill out your FAFSA 
November checklist
-Help students to narrow their college choices; encourage students to always have a backup plan
-Hold field trips to visit colleges or attend college fairs
-Remind students to add all of the schools where they plan to apply to the FAFSA
-Remind students to keep track of deadlines and gather the information they will need to apply to college, the FAFSA and/ or scholarships
-Encourage students to complete the FAFSA if they haven’t done so already, as well as other financial aid and scholarships
-Check email regularly as this is the main way that most colleges will communicate with students
December checklist
-Meet with current college students as well as alumni to see what college is really like
-Create an OSAC profile and search for scholarships to apply to
-Use winter break to catch up on any lingering details in the college application process
-Make sure that to include ALL of the information necessary on applications
-Also meet with parents of college students to find out about the transition process to college and what you should expect
January checklist
-If male make sure to register with the selective service within 30 days of turning 18. If they do not do this they will not be eligible for federal financial aid
-Make any changes that need to be made to the FAFSA by March 15th
-Update your OSAC profile and continue to fill out application forms
-Update your list of scholarships and apply to the ones that have upcoming deadlines
February checklist
-Research what the college what immunizations the college that you would like to attend require
-If necessary get caught up on all immunizations
-Finish writing and editing all scholarship application essays
-Apply to as many scholarships as possible
-Attend college preview days in order to get to know the campus and the people
-Make any necessary changes to your FAFSA by March 15th
March checklist
-Colleges look at second semester grades don’t start slacking off
-Stay involved with extracurricular activities and take advantage of other experiences
-Apply for summer enrichment programs, internships, or jobs
-Make plans for college orientation in the summer
April checklist
-Acceptance letters should be coming in the mail
-Share your acceptances with counselors, parents, and friends
-FAFSA and financial aid letters should be coming shortly after
-Make your final decision on which school you will be attending
-Compare the size, location, cost, and extracurricular activities
May checklist
-Check if your college requires a placement test. If it does, arrange to take it as soon as possible while it is still on your mind
-Make sure that you are prepared for what is coming next
-Figure out what to bring and create a budget as a way to track your expenses
Scholarships- Outside glide/roseburg 

Scholarships- Outside glide/roseburg 

The Oregon Federation of Women’s Clubs (OFWC)
Scholarship Contest for High School Seniors Virtually on Saturday, April 09, 2022
There will be one scholarship awarded in each of the following areas:$500 Instrumental, $500 Vocal  ,$400 Art, $200 Essay. 
Information and Entry forms can be found HERE
Doodle for Google
  • Create a doodle for Google that follows a specific theme however you interpret it
  • Winning doodles will be displayed on Google for one day
  • Four finalists will win a $5,000 scholarship
  • 1 winner will win a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 google education package for their school
  • The contest opens January 11, 2022 and goes until March 4, 2022
For more information, please see Mrs. Coke in the counseling office
Oregon PTA’S Teacher Education Scholarship
  • For any Oregon resident studying to become a teacher at any public university or college in Oregon.
Winners will be notified by June 30th after the decisions have been made. This is a one time scholarship for $500. Deadline for applications is March 30, 2022
2022 Violet Lang Instrumental Music Scholarship for High School Seniors
Any high school senior who is a current Oregon resident is eligible. One $500 scholarship will be awarded to the winning student for college tuition. Applicants will video their musical performance and upload it to Google Drive before the virtual state contest on April 09, 2022. Performances should be no more than 10 minutes long . A completed and signed official entry form must be submitted by March 25, 2022
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has announced the theme and deadline for its annual civics contest: The First Amendment and the Schoolhouse Gate: Students’ Free Speech Rights. The contest is open to high school students in states and territories within the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, the United States Territory of Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands). District courts within each state and territory will select local contest winners who will then be entered in the circuit-wide contest
Students can enter the contest by submitting an essay or a video (or one of each).  Essays are to be 500-1,000 words. Videos are to be three to five minutes and can be submitted by individuals or teams of up to three students. The rules are attached to this e-mail, along with resources on the contest theme.  Participants are encouraged to check the Ninth Circuit’s contest website periodically for additional resources: The deadline for submissions is March 18, 2022.  Prizes will be awarded to local winners who will then have a chance to compete for additional prizes at the circuit level.  Application and contest rules are available in the counseling center. You can also click here for contest rules. Please click here to download the application packet.
Coos Art Museum and Southern Oregon community College 
Vision High School Art Competetion. 
Due date: Feb 17 2022
First Prize $250, Second Prize $100 and Third Prize $ 75 along with Two years FREE college tuition
For more information please visit website at or email
The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: February 7th, 2022
The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an Oregon High School senior from a family affected by alcohol or drug addiction. Affected by addiction means you have been raised by a parent or guardian who has experienced addiction or you have abused alcohol or drugs and are now pursuing recovery. They will award at least one $10,000 scholarship and then others of various amounts to qualified candidates. For specific essays and formatting of the application come to the counseling center and pick up a copy. The application must be submitted no later than Monday, February 7th, 2022.
Pointe Pest Control Scholarship
Deadline: April 29, 2022
For this scholarship, do something good for someone else and include a note telling them to pass it on. Bonus points are awarded for including pictures. We want to hear what good deed you did to help your community. After you have finished your good deed, pass along this scholarship to as many friends as you can. For every submission we get that says you referred/told them about this scholarship, you get bonus points. (Feel free to post the scholarship on your Facebook page to spread the word.) 
Once your good deed is finished and you have told all of your friends about this scholarship, play the Pointe Pest Control game and take a screenshot of your highest score. Bonus points are added to your application for playing the game.
  • The scholarship must be submitted, in full, by April 29, 2022. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Applications for the scholarship can be submitted by any high school senior or college freshman from the state of Oregon.
  • This scholarship is a one-time scholarship worth $750. It will be awarded May 30, 2022.
  • All applicants must be submitted electronically using this form.
  • For application please click link:
ISN Scholarship
This scholarship occurs four times a year and is open to high school seniors and current college students.
You can find all the information related to the scholarship at the link below.
Our application dates are as follows:
  • Spring Contest Cycle: April 17 - July 17 of each year.
  • Summer Contest Cycle: July 18 - October 14 of each year.
  • Fall Contest Cycle: October 15 - January 15 of the following year.
  • Winter Contest Cycle: January 16 - April 16 of each year
This program offers a significant $40,000 college scholarship to students who intend to study computer science in college, plus guaranteed paid internship opportunities at Amazon that could provide you with multiple opportunities to launch your careers even before the last bell rings your senior year!  This year, 100 high school seniors across the nation will be chosen to receive $40K for college and a guaranteed internship at Amazon following their freshman year in college.  Please see the counseling office today or talk to Mr. Cornelius for more information!
Student Scholarships
There are many Scholarships available on this site that change on a regular basis. This is a great way to get more scholarships that just the ones oftered in the counseling center. please visit this website to apply:
OSEA Scholarships
for Undergrads and High School Senioirs. 
OSEA offers more than $20.000 in scholarships to mebers and thier relaztives each year! Recipoents must be related to an OSEA member. 
Click HERE to apply 
  • Lou Gerber Scholarship provides additional funding to those members who wish to further their education at an accredited school. OSEA sponsors two $1,000 scholarships in zone. Applications due Jan. 15, 2022.
  • Guy Davis Scholarship awards $1,250 to one graduating high school senior in each zone. Applications due March 1, 2022.
  • Past Presidents' Scholarship is a statewide scholarship of $1,500 for high school seniors. Applications due March 1, 2022.
John Brown Undergraduate Scholarship grants $1,000 to a college junior or senior. Applications due Jan. 15, 2022.
ACPE Northwest Scholarship
Applications due Feb. 21, 2022.
Applicants will be notified on April 15, 2022.
Each year, ACPE awards scholarships of up to $2,000 apiece to graduating seniors who plan to study technology.
Successful applicants have studied and used technology in innovative ways throughout their high school career and can demonstrate their work through a project. The project itself can take many forms, including but not limited to a website, app, video, podcast, webcast, etc., produced sometime during their high school years. Click HERE to apply 


Job Opportunities 

Coos Bay Fire Department- Student firefighter program. 
The Pacific Inside Electrical JATC, an electrical apprenticeship program that covers Coos, Curry, Western Douglas, Western Lane, and Lincoln counties. Our program is run by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), which is comprised of equal representatives from labor and management. We have three apprenticeship programs: 
1) Inside Electrician (4 year program with 8,000 “On the Job” training hours)
2)Limited Residential Electrician (2 year program with 4000 “On the Job " training hours)
3)Voice-Data-Video (VDV) Technician/Installer (3 year program with 6000 “On the Job” training hours) Apprentices receive skills while training “on the job” as well as attending trade related classroom training during their apprenticeship.  Apprenticeship offers individuals an opportunity to “earn while they learn.”  Careers in the skilled electrical trades are very respectable and are one of the few living wage jobs in our Oregon Coast region.

Peterson Cat ThinkBIG 2021

Current opening with Peterson CAT as a cat dealer service tech. Click HERE for more information

Other Resources

United States Naval Academy Summer Stem
The United States Naval Academy Summer STEM program is designed to encourage rising 9th-11th graders
to pursue a course of study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For one week, campers will create, build, and explore in world-class lab facilities and experience real-life application and learning at one of the Top 5 “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs” in the country,as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. *Scholarships available based on financial need

Douglas County Partners for Student Success (DCPSS)
Douglas County Partners for Student Success (DCPSS) and the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub (UVSH) are committed to connecting children, families and educators with resources to build the skills needed to identify problems, visualize and create innovative solutions. DCPSS consists of community partners, each offering unique paths to support students’ social and economic stability.  DCPSS - Douglas County Partners Student Success newsletter.  
Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation and Coos Art Museum announce VISION 2022, an art competition for high school students from throughout Southern Oregon. The show is scheduled for 25 February -15 April 2022. The first week of November, forms associated with VISION 2022 will be emailed to art educators and school principals. We encourage you to review the entire packet and consider participating. Best of Show, Second Place Overall, and Third Place Overall will receive a two-year tuition waver scholarship. 
UCC Police Reserve Academy
This academy trains students to enter into law enforcement. This is part a 288 hour, year long, 3 part seguwence consiting of Police Skills I, Police Skills II, and Police Skills III, for a non-credit PRA Certification. These courses provide studnets with the foundational knowledge and skills applicale for entry into criminal justice fields to include Police Reserve positions, community Service Ofiicer positions and volunteer services. Please click HERE for application details. 

UCC College Kick Start 

Juniors and Seniors- UCC has opened up a new opportunity that will allow you to take a class from UCC tuition free this summer or next fall. You will still be responsible for the fees and books, but the tuition would be waived. There is more information about the program at this website:  There is also a response form to participate at this address: If you would like further information please talk to Mr. Clair in the counseling center.